Welcome to my gallery

All images are taken with a Pentax K10d and a Photex 2.8/35mm tilt & shift lens. Some pictures may give the impression that they are highly detailed miniatures while they are not. Itīs because the mind reads an image with an extremely narrow depth of field (DOF) as it is a model.

You can to some degree control the DOF by selecting a large aperature but you will hardly get enough blur if the target is far away. One good method - maybe the best - is to manipulate the images in a post processing software like Photoshop. The second method - the most fun in my opinion - is to buy a lens or an adapter with tilt. By tilting the lens you move the focus plane to emulate an extremely short DOF.

You have a better and a more technical explanation about how tilt lenses works here. The site has a lot of other information as well for those who are new to digital photography.

Visit the gallery now and then to see newly added photos. To see more from other artists I could list a lot of links on my site but I think this is a good start.

Last updated 28 july 2012